The hundred best assets of all times

UVO100 Index

Index Assets


Index Assets

81 Stocks

Reserve for scouting

Min. 5% of index capacity is kept free.

Eligibility Criteria

Strong Balance Sheet, Track Record, Positive Performance, $0,5B min. Revenue, 1M min. Volume.


The financial assets held in the UVO100 Index have been hand-picked by Swiss industry professionals.

Healthy Balance

A healthy mix of different industries, sectors and asset sizes ensures that the Index is well balanced over the long term.

Strongly diversified

The Index consists of 100 individual holdings, enabling an excellent level of diversification.

Beginner friendly

Market research and technical analysis are complicated techniques. UVO100 allows you to pick the best assets with confidence.

Investing doesn't have to be so hard

At Uvo we are persuaded that investing should be easy enough for everyone. This is why we have drawn up a list of the 100 best investment assets on the market and give them away free of charge.

We've got more!

In addition to the UVO100 index, we also offer 4 other investment portfolios that allow you to trade in a suitable manner according to your individual principles and objectives. Discover our portfolios now and become a member!