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Policy Making

Private investors can make decisions based on evidence, and not emotions, thanks to our public data sets, as well as our consultancy offerings on financial market data.


Our relevant financial market data makes it effortless to build a defensive portfolio in order to preserve capital and create generational wealth. Perfect for institutional investors.


Having an edge in the market finally becomes possible with our inclusive data sets and intelligence gathering offerings. Perfect for individual investors.

Our Approach


Open Source Intelligence operations provide us with valuable insights. The collected data makes it possible to identify potential growth opportunities.


Comprehensive analysis and correlation of large data pools enables us to better understand future trends.

Due Diligence

Asset safety metrics allow us to estimate a share's degree of stability and volatility.

Public Data Sets

⭐ Hybrid

Market Intel

Equities (Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap, Mega-Cap), ETFs, Currencies (FX), Indexes, 

* Hybrid = Automated and Curated Data

Intelligence Report

Case Study [Swiss Army]

Our Expertise

Thanks to our independent consulting, you ca

✅ Indipendent Consulting
✅ Free Access to Private Data Sets
✅ Free Access to our Tools & Resources Database

Our Expertise

👋 1st Strategy Call: let’s clarify your needs!
💡 Review and Creation of a Strategy
🧬 Portfolio Building
💎 Alternative Investments (e.g.: Crypto)
📈 Stocks & ETFs
🗺️ Global Asset Management

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Unique Data Vectors
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Data Sources
Public Data Sets

Our Services


Gathering new data from our big data farms and (millions) and creating custom data sets to your needs.

✅ Access to our Data Farm
✅ Access to our Data Lake
✅ Free Access to our Tools & Resources Database

Cleaning & Visualization

Providing understanding capabilities

✅ Indipendent Consulting
✅ Free Access to Data Sets
✅ Free Access to our Tools & Resources Database


Military Grade Intelligence

🛰️ Satellite Imagery (IMINT)
👁️ Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
🕵️ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Financial Literacy

✅ Indipendent Consulting
✅ Free Access to Data Sets
✅ Free Access to our Tools & Resources Database

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