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Build a profitable portfolio.

We actively look for new investment opportunities and shape them as investment portfolios. We offer four ready-to-use investment portfolios, which match the widest investor profiles. So we definitely have the right portfolio for you!

Discover our ready-made portfolios

How does it work?

Pick a portfolio

Browse our portfolios and choose one or more that best suit your investment style and personal risk threshold.

Research by yourself

Now that you’ve found a good portfolio, take the time to familiarize with the assets within it and the overall portfolio composition.

Apply the strategy

Open positions from your broker, according to your available capital, and actively monitor the progress of your investments.

Monitor the market

Monitoring the market allows you to react in time in case there should be a change of direction (financial downturn).

Our Strategy

Data Driven Portfolio Development

At every stage of our product development activities, we make use of data and analytics for decision making. With the financial intelligence tools at our fingertips, we can process large amounts of information and elaborate the relevant queries only.

1 - Market Observation & Monitoring
2 - Research
3 - Technical Screening

Our Portfolios



Invest in the technology industry.



Ethical financial assets according to SRI principles.



Reacts inversely to market movements.


Safe House

Extreme diversification and low risk financial assets.

This is for you if...

You've little or no trading experience

If you have limited trading experience you may not know where to start. A ready-made portfolio can help you take your first steps in the financial market by investing with a safe and diversified approach.

Don't have the tools and know-how to research

If you are not sure how to evaluate the different screening criteria to determine your first assets, a curated portfolio gives you access to a selection of assets that have already undergone several screenings according to benchmark parameters.

Why use a ready-made portfolio?


The financial assets held in a portfolio have been hand-picked by industry professionals.

Low effort

More time for yourself. Using a portfolio saves you time in research, asset distribution and analysis.

Risk Management

We reduce risk to which capital is exposed in the investment process through a strategic asset distribution.

Always up-to-date

The assets in our portfolios are reviewed on a daily basis. The data you see is always relevant. You'll be notified if there are any changes in the portfolios.


Can I make money using these portfolios?

Yes, be careful though. Investing in the financial market always involves risks. Each individual must decide independently which financial products to invest in. Our portfolios provide ideas, inspirations. Product research and analysis, as well as the investment decision, is the responsibility of the individual.

What level of risk do the recommended investment products include?

On average, the level of risk is medium to high. Our watchlist features various products (diversification) with a different risk level. For each individual portfolio we show the risk level (on a scale from 1 to 7).

Can I commit my capital to uvo in order to invest?

No. Uvo is not an investment company. We offer access to data and market research in form of ready-to-use portfolios. Investment operations, decision, buying and selling are and remain the personal responsibility of each individual.

How do you guarantee that the portfolio I've chosen will generate a return on investment (ROI)?

We cannot predict the future of capital markets. In the design of our portfolios we rely on multiple screening criteria and we diversify assets across different classes, risk levels and sectors. By doing so, we can improve risk management, although risk is always present. Investing your capital in the financial market involves risks.

What do I need to start?

In addition to the capital you want to invest, you need access to a broker that allows you to buy and sell financial instruments (such as shares, ETFs, …).

Build your portfolio today, start investing!

With the diversified portfolios of uvo, you can invest your capital according to your own conditions, timing and risk tolerance.

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Portfolio Manager &
Investment Advisor for U.S. Equities

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