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To all institutional, professional and retail investors,

The passion for the financial markets and the establishment of prosperity is the driving force that brings us together.

A solid economy is the main engine of industrial and social evolution, a stable financial system’s strength allows us to innovate and develop disruptive technologies.

The world is evolving at a fast pace and so is finance, with startups and initiatives such as FinTechs. The sharing economy has also transformed our lifestyles.

Limited access to research sources and a lack of know-how in micro-economic analysis prevent individuals from building up their capital effectively. Thereby stopping them from catching up with the current global development.

At Uvo we are also willing to share, exchange our financial know-how and build economic vectors with a positive, durable and stable impact.

Thank you for helping to make this vision come true.

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Electric Vehicles and Transportation

Transition from internal combustion engine to electric.

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