Private Consulting

A solid partner for great decisions.

Uvo is your preferred partner to guide you on your investment journey. As financial experts, we help you to make important decisions and support you even when the circumstances are challenging. Our commitment is to advise you objectively and independently.

Uvo’s commitment:

  • Advise you regardless of your net worth
  • Free of self-interest and independently
  • Focusing on having a positive impact on your finances

Expertise Areas

Investment Advisory

Do you want to invest according to your own custom strategy? We are happy to challenge your portfolio and advise you properly.

Risk Management

We lead you to develop your proprietary risk management strategy and set benchmarks and metrics.

Technical Solutions

We can advise you on topics such as the choice of a broker, setting up a trading station and charting software.

Portfolio Selection

We can help you map your investor profile and risk tolerance and help you choose a suitable portfolio.

Index-Oriented Investing

A passive investment method is to follow the performance of assets held in an index.

Strategy Management

When is a good time to take profits? When should losses be cut instead? We'll help you define a winning strategy.

Your private consultant

Tolunay Uklimekci
Portfolio Manager &
Investment Advisor for U.S. Equities